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Welcometo Lomvardos Coldstores

Lomvardos Cold Stores are located in the A Industrial Zone of Volos only 5 km for the port and 12 km from the national road linking Athens to Thessaloniki. In 2007 the company completed a 100% reconstruction of the facility with an investment of over 3 million euros.

All existing refrigeration equipment has been replaced with state of the art technology using glycol as a refrigerant for + 0 temperatures resulting in a 50% ammonia charge reduction and a 100% increase in cooling capacity. We are now able to offer specialized high humidity storage on guarantee temperatures with 1/10 of a degree celcius.


Industry involvement is one of the core principles of our business. Our people stay involved to always be on top of new industry trends, client demands and the ever growing European legislation. We are active both nationally and internationally in several refrigerated warehousing association and events, not only as participants but often times as a speaker as well.

Lomvardos Cold Stores was the first company in Greece to place such emphasis on cold chain management. In the year 2000 in cooperation with the World Food Logistics Organization and the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, Lomvardos Cold Stores begain organzing the first cold chain related conferences in Greece and is still today responsible for the largest international cold chain event in Greece.

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